About us
Innovation is our creed. We live by it.
The future is our horizon & azimuth.

Our story

We strongly believe in people. They have the expertise, the creativity, but also the experience to create a flux of ingenious ideas that will lead to the new world of tomorrow. As innovative investors in business and buildings we want to give them the power to push through their ideas and make the products and services that will shape our lives tomorrow.


There is absolutely no doubt that the future will be green, innovative and sustainable
- and that future starts today!
Ideation phase
Start-up phase
Growth phase
Expension phase

Investing in business

groupmec empowers starting companies that want to excel in the area of innovative and sustainable production and services, such as renewable energy (solar, wind, ...) and materials, Information and Communication Technology, franchise concepts, etc... We support them in the development of existing or new concepts that are future-oriented. Our broad experience (construction, franchising, renewable energy, industry, consulting, development, ...) and our professional business development team guarantees them that they reach their goals and turn their business model into a success.

Investing in buildings

groupmec has a special interest in developing real estate with a “cutting edge'‘, i.e. residential and industrial buildings that convey the future, not ably from an architectural point of view but also with regard to new, sustainable technologies, such as energy balance, acoustics, ergonomic, domestics, CO2 neutrality and sustainability in general. We want to make the homes, offices and factories of the future. Our scope is international, we have projects in Europe as well as in Africa.

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