groupmec is a investment and development company with a special interest in future-oriented, innovative business opportunities and the development of sustainable real estate projects, both in Belgium and abroad. There is absolutely no doubt that the future will be green, innovative and sustainable - and that future starts today! groupmec is funding and shaping it now. Do you have an idea you think could change the world? Are you looking for funding for your groundbreaking project? groupmec is eager to meet you. We are interested in new opportunities provided they are future-oriented. We may consider a collaboration in various ways.

• Early stage investments (start up, research & development, go to market)
• Growth stage investments (expansion ,internationalization, market development,…)

Business Development
• Idea phase
• Start up phase
• Growth phase
• Expansion phase



groupmec invests in startup FERECO

March 05, 2014

Fereco makes steel-frame construction fast, easy, accessible and above-all cost-effective. And we have been doing so for years. From hospitals, schools and shopping centers to homes, extensions or simple garden sheds… from detailed architectural plans to hand-sketched designs… from do-it-yourself framing components to full-service solutions for professionals… Fereco uses the strength, versatility and energy-efficiency of steel to transform all your ideas into reality. read more> Continue Reading →